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Eco-Friendly Resorts Amidst Costa Rica’s Lush Rainforests: Top 10 Sustainable Sanctuaries to Rejuvenate in Nature

With its abundance of national parks and reserves protecting rich biodiversity, Costa Rica has become a prime destination for eco-tourism. Lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls, and pristine beaches beckon nature lovers from around the world. Luckily, a growing number of resorts allow visitors to experience these wonders while still staying true to environmental principles.

This article shines a spotlight on 10 of the most remarkable eco-lodges seamlessly integrated into Costa Rica’s stunning natural landscapes. We’ll compare amenities, sustainability features, locations, ambience, and prices to help you find the right rainforest retreat to relax, recharge and cherish madre naturaleza. Read on to discover top-rated sanctuaries where conservation and comfort go hand in hand.

1. Pacuare Lodge

Situated deep in the Cabécar Indigenous Territory on Costa Rica’s pristine Pacuare River, this luxury rainforest lodge blends indigenous heritage and environmental stewardship. Guests explore the jungle, raft exhilarating whitewater, and bond over family-style meals.

The Details

  • Location: Near Turrialba Volcano, Pacuare River Valley
  • Accommodation: Luxurious rainforest cabins with breathtaking views
  • Sustainability: Sustainably-sourced wood, passive solar architecture, conservation focus
  • Ambience: Secluded, peaceful connection with nature
  • Price: 5 days from $3100 per person, all-inclusive

With its remote setting and commitment to sustainability, Pacuare Lodge lets nature lovers lose themselves in the beauty of the rainforest without losing eco-conscious luxury.

2. Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

On Costa Rica’s remote Osa Peninsula, Casa Corcovado’s stylish jungle bungalows sit steps away from Corcovado National Park. Guests immerse themselves in wilderness adventures while reveling in eco-friendly comfort.

The Details

  • Location: Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park
  • Accommodation: Jungle bungalows with contemporary-rustic design
  • Sustainability: 100% solar-powered, reforestation programs
  • Ambience: Secluded, surrounded by wilderness
  • Price: From $485 per night, all-inclusive

With its private trails into Corcovado, Casa Corcovado lets adventurous souls get lost in unspoiled jungle scenery unmatched anywhere in Costa Rica.

3. Lagarta Lodge

Lagarta Lodge’s seven private rainforest villas sit perched on a cliff overlooking the jungle canopy and coastline. This luxury eco-retreat excels in migratory bird watching, sustainability, and off-the-charts views.

The Details

  • Location: Carate on the Southern Pacific Coast
  • Accommodation: Spacious villas with epic ocean vistas
  • Sustainability: 100% solar energy, reforestation efforts
  • Ambience: Peaceful, spectacular panoramas
  • Price: From $270 per night

With an eagle-eye focus on conservation, Lagarta Lodge is purpose-built for avid birders seeking to spot rare species amidst a breathtaking tropical backdrop.

4. Finca Rosa Blanca

This family-owned boutique hotel is a long-standing pioneer in Costa Rican sustainability. Their elegant tropical villas meet the highest standards in green architecture and gastronomy on a lush hilltop coffee plantation.

The Details

  • Location: Near Santa Bárbara de Heredia
  • Accommodation: Spacious villas with contemporary-rustic charm
  • Sustainability: Biomass heating, solar energy, on-site organic farm
  • Ambience: Refined yet relaxed
  • Price: From $390 per night

Finca Rosa Blanca proves that the ultimate luxury is a light footprint on the planet. Sustainability meets sophistication in this singular eco-retreat.

5. Arenas Del Mar

This beachfront resort combines contemporary design, epic sunsets, and steadfast environmental commitment. Their beautiful green-built bungalows sit harmoniously integrated into Manuel Antonio’s extraordinary coastal nature.

The Details

  • Location: Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Accommodation: Luxury beach bungalows, some with private plunge pools
  • Sustainability: LEED-certified, reforestation programs
  • Ambience: Chic, laidback beach luxury
  • Price: From $500 per night

Arenas Del Mar sets the bar for how a five-star resort can co-exist in synergy with nature, not at its expense. Sea turtle nesting grounds are steps from the poolside bar.

6. Casa Luna Lodge

High in the remote mountains of San Isidro de El General, locally-owned Casa Luna Lodge is a model for sustainability, with solar and micro-hydro power and their own organic farm. The charming bungalows enjoy stunning vistas.

The Details

  • Location: San Isidro de El General
  • Accommodation: Charming solar-powered bungalows
  • Sustainability: Micro-hydro power, biodigesters, permaculture farm
  • Ambience: Rustic, intimate, family-owned charm
  • Price: From $140 per night

For affordability and sustainability, it’s hard to beat Casa Luna. This charming lodge proves eco-conscious luxury doesn’t have to break the bank.

7. Kura Design Villas

Blending sleek contemporary design with nature, these breathtaking Uvita villas are built from sustainable exotic hardwoods and celebrate the beauty of their clifftop rainforest setting above Costa Rica’s iconic Whale Tail beach.

The Details

  • Location: Uvita near Marino Ballena National Park
  • Accommodation: Stunning designer villas, some with private pools
  • Sustainability: LEED-certified, sustainable hardwood construction
  • Ambience: uxury immersed in nature
  • Price: From $500 per night

Eco-conscious style enthusiasts can’t do better than these architecturally stunning villas where sustainable luxury meets the rainforest canopy.

8. Lapa Rios

This rainforest eco-lodge pioneering in sustainability provides an unparalleled location to explore Costa Rica’s magnificent Osa Peninsula. The rustic-luxe bungalows minimize footprint while maximizing immersion into the jungle environment.

The Details

  • Location: Osa Peninsula near Corcovado
  • Accommodation: Spacious jungle bungalows hidden in the canopy
  • Sustainability: 1,000 acre private rainforest reserve, conservation focus
  • Ambience: Remote, wildly scenic, immersed in nature
  • Price: From $510 per night, all-inclusive

A long-time gold standard in eco-tourism, Lapa Rios offers privileged access to the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s wildest frontier.

9. Casa Chameleon

Impeccable service and gastronomy meet environmental stewardship at Casa Chameleon’s collection of boutique hotels in Costa Rica’s top destinations. Their contemporary-chic villas embrace nature with refined and sustainably-conscious design.

The Details

  • Location: Malpaís, Las Catalinas, Santa Teresa
  • Accommodation: Ultra-stylish villas and suites
  • Sustainability: Energy-efficient design, local sourcing
  • Ambience: Boutique sophistication meets Pura Vida
  • Price: From $300 per night

For discerning travelers who prioritize design, cuisine and service alongside sustainability, Casa Chameleon sets a new benchmark for luxury eco-hotels in Costa Rica.

10. Cristal Ballena Hotel (continued)

The Details

  • Location: Uvita on the Whale’s Tail
  • Accommodation: Chic blue-toned oceanview rooms and suites
  • Sustainability: Local design & materials, community-focused
  • Ambience: Laidback sophistication by the sea
  • Price: From $150 per night

Overlooking the majestic Whale’s Tail sandbar, this community-minded hotel offers the perfect balance of eco-style, soulful service and sustainability.

Compare the Top Eco-Friendly Resorts in Costa Rica:


Resort Location Accommodation Sustainability Features Price Per Night
Pacuare Lodge Pacuare River Valley Luxury rainforest cabins Sustainably sourced materials, conservation focus From $620
Casa Corcovado Osa Peninsula Jungle bungalows Solar power, reforestation From $485
Lagarta Lodge Southern Pacific Coast Villas with ocean views Solar power, reforestation From $270
Finca Rosa Blanca Santa Bárbara de Heredia Tropical villas Biomass heating, on-site organic farm From $390
Arenas Del Mar Manuel Antonio Beach bungalows LEED-certified, reforestation From $500
Casa Luna Lodge San Isidro de El General Solar bungalows Micro-hydro power, permaculture farm From $140
Kura Design Villas Uvita Designer rainforest villas LEED-certified, sustainable hardwoods From $500
Lapa Rios Osa Peninsula Secluded jungle bungalows 1,000 acre private reserve From $510
Casa Chameleon Malpaís, Santa Teresa Ultra-stylish villas Energy-efficient design, local sourcing From $300
Cristal Ballena Uvita Contemporary oceanview rooms Local materials, community-focused From $150

Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Resorts in Costa Rica

What is the difference between an eco-lodge and a sustainable hotel?

Eco-lodges are typically smaller, situated in remote natural settings, and more rustic, while sustainable hotels can be larger resorts focused on green building practices and operations. However, the terms are often used interchangeably.

What eco-certifications should I look for?

Top credentials include CST Sustainability, Ecotourism Certification (CST), LEED-certification, and Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST). The Blue Flag program also recognizes beaches and communities for environmental ethics.

How can I get to remote eco-resorts without a car?

Many lodges offer private transfers from San José or regional airports and transportation packages. You can also use domestic airlines or shuttle vans to get closer if needed. Some lodges require 4×4 transport due to rough roads.

Are eco-resorts safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Costa Rica is very safe, especially at reputable lodges. The commitment to sustainability usually extends to caring deeply about guest security. However, it’s always smart practice to take safety precautions as a solo traveler anywhere.

Is the water safe to drink?

It’s best to drink only bottled water in Costa Rica. Top eco-lodges have purifying systems to eliminate waste from clean water sources. Be sure to avoid tap water and ice cubes. Lodges will provide purified bottle water.

Should I carry cash?

It’s a good idea to carry $100-200 in colones, as smaller vendors may not accept credit cards. However, most hotels and tours can be paid by credit card or PayPal. Just be sure to notify your bank you are traveling internationally.

Will I have WiFi access?

More remote lodges may have limited internet in common areas only. The focus is on unplugging and connecting with nature. Some room packages include WiFi, otherwise expect occasional access. The point is to tune into the monkeys, not social media!

Time to Book Your Costa Rican Eco-Adventure

As one of the world’s premier eco-tourism destinations, Costa Rica offers an unrivaled selection of phenomenal eco-lodges seamlessly harmonized with the surrounding rainforests, beaches and wildlife. From boutique luxury to rustic charm, sustainable design principles unite these properties where conservation and comfort go hand in hand.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the jungle, fall asleep to the chorus of howler monkeys, and awaken refreshed knowing your footprint is light. Now that you’ve discovered the top eco-friendly resorts for getting back to nature amongst Costa Rica’s majestic rainforests, all that’s left is to start planning your trip of a lifetime! pura vida.

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