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Historic Bed and Breakfasts for a Charming Stay in Rome

Rome is a city steeped in history, art, culture, and romance. Staying at a historic bed and breakfast allows you to fully immerse yourself in the charm of Rome and feel like a local. Many bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) in Rome are located inside old palazzos, villas, and convents – giving you a unique opportunity to stay in ancient Roman homes and structures.

A bed and breakfast offers a more intimate and authentic experience than large hotels. The owners of B&Bs are usually locals who give you insider tips on attractions, restaurants, and the hidden gems of Rome. You can find historic B&Bs across Rome’s city center and iconic neighborhoods.This article compares the top historic B&Bs in Rome by neighborhood, amenities, themes, and price. We also answer frequently asked questions about staying at a bed and breakfast in Rome. Read on to discover the most charming places to stay on your Roman holiday!

Comparison of Top Historic B&Bs in Rome


Trastevere is Rome’s bohemian neighborhood with charming cobblestone streets, ivy-covered buildings, and scenic plazas. Staying in Trastevere gives you a relaxed vibe alongside Rome’s famous sights.

Pantheon / Piazza Navona

This central area surrounds some of Rome’s most famous sights – the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps. Staying here gives you walking access to ancient sites.

Vatican / Prati

This serene neighborhood near the Vatican allows you easy access to St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. It has a local village vibe.

Bed and Breakfast Amenities in Rome

Here are some standard amenities you can expect when staying at a bed and breakfast in Rome:

  • Private or shared bathroom – Most B&Bs offer in-room private bathrooms. Budget B&Bs may have shared bathrooms.
  • Air conditioning – Nearly all B&Bs in Rome have AC to keep cool in the summer heat.
  • WiFi – Standard WiFi is available at all price ranges. It may be weaker in budget properties.
  • Breakfast – Almost all B&Bs include breakfast, usually coffee/tea, pastries, breads, jam, and cereal. Some offer hot dishes too.
  • 24-hour access – Many B&Bs provide keys or codes so you can come and go as you please. Some have check-in times.
  • Luggage storage – Most hold your luggage if you arrive early or depart late in the day.
  • Toiletries – Budget B&Bs may not offer toiletries. Mid-range and luxury ones generally provide shampoo, soap etc.
  • Hair dryer – Hair dryers are standard in mid-range and luxury B&Bs, and often available in budget ones too.
  • Daily cleaning – Your room will be cleaned and bed made daily.
  • Safety box – In-room safety boxes are common at mid-range and luxury properties.
  • Concierge service – Luxury B&Bs offer concierge service to arrange tours, transport, restaurant bookings.

Bed and Breakfast Themes in Rome

Rome’s B&Bs have unique vibes you won’t find at hotels. Here are some popular themes and styles:

Historic Homes

  • Stay in old palazzos, villas, and homes, like Palazzo Ricci – an elegant 17th century building.
  • Period furniture, artwork, Murano chandeliers add old-world charm.
  • Many have ornate painted ceilings and frescoes.

Convents and Monasteries

  • For a tranquil stay, book a room in a converted convent or monastery.
  • Often have serene courtyards and gardens, like Suore di Santa Elisabetta.
  • May still have chapels, crosses and religious art.

Boutique Chic

  • Modern, design-focused B&Bs like Babuino 181.
  • Luxurious amenities like rainfall showers, chromotherapy lighting, iPads.
  • Curated contemporary art and sleek, minimalist decor.

Family-Run Charmer

  • Many quaint, homey B&Bs are run by local families.
  • Feels like you’re staying with a Roman family!
  • Owners give you insider tips and homecooked breakfasts.
  • Check La Piccola Maison.

Themed Rooms

  • Some B&Bs have individually decorated rooms with fun themes like music, literature, colors, and nature.
  • Flower Garden Lodge has rooms like the Van Gogh and the Green Room.

Typical Bed and Breakfast Rates in Rome

Rome B&B prices can vary greatly depending on amenities, location, season, and events. Here are typical price ranges:

Pros of Staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Rome

Here are some of the best advantages of choosing a B&B over a hotel:

  • Local experience – B&B owners give you insider tips only locals would know. You feel part of a real Roman neighborhood.
  • Charming architecture – Historic homes and buildings have more character than hotels.
  • Community atmosphere – Smaller size allows you to interact with hosts and guests.
  • Personalized service – Owners treat you more like a guest than a customer.
  • Value prices – B&Bs often offer lower rates than comparable hotels.
  • Location – Many are on small streets in the historic center, walkable to attractions.
  • Amenities – Most offer standard amenities like WiFi, AC, and breakfast. Some have extra perks like gardens, roof decks, or wine tastings.
  • Authenticity – Traditional interiors give you a sense of Roman history and culture.

Cons of Staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Rome

There are a few potential downsides to consider about B&Bs in Rome:

  • Fewer services – Unlike hotels, most don’t have restaurants, room service, pools, laundry, or concierge.
  • Smaller properties – Rooms and common areas are more compact.
  • Variable quality – Standards can be inconsistent across different B&Bs. Read reviews carefully.
  • Less privacy – Close interaction with owners and guests. Noisy neighbors can be an issue.
  • Fewer amenities – Budget B&Bs have simple furnishings and amenities.
  • Tricky policies – Cancellation, payment, and other policies may be stricter than hotels.
  • Cash payment – Many B&Bs require payment in cash rather than credit card.
  • Language barrier – Some owners may not speak much English.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed & Breakfasts in Rome

Are bed & breakfasts legal in Rome?

Yes, B&Bs are legal accommodations in Rome if the owner registers and pays taxes on the property. Reputable sites only list lawful B&Bs.

How do I choose a good B&B in Rome?

Read recent reviews on sites like TripAdvisor,, and Prioritize B&Bs with consistently excellent reviews for cleanliness, location, and hospitality.

Should I book a B&B directly or through a site?

Booking directly sometimes has perks like special rates or upgrades. But third party sites let you easily compare options. And their review systems help identify the highest quality properties.

What should I look for when booking?

Consider location, room size, rates, cancellation policy, amenities like AC and WiFi, accessibility needs, and on-site facilities. Narrow options by reading detailed descriptions and reviews.

What’s the best way to get to my B&B from the airport?

The easiest option is booking a private car service or taxi to take you directly to the B&B door-to-door. You can also take the train to the main Termini station and then a taxi or bus to your specific neighborhood.

Should I contact the owner before arriving?

Yes, it’s polite to send an email or message to confirm arrival time and get directions. Provide your flight details. Ask about check-in procedures and arranging transportation.

What payment methods do B&Bs accept?

Many only accept cash, some take credit cards, and a few accept PayPal. Ask about acceptable payment methods when booking and get cash if needed.

What should I do if I have an issue during my stay?

Politely discuss any problems or requests with the owner. Most aim to provide an exceptional experience and will address concerns. As a last resort, contact the booking site for assistance.

What are the best historic neighborhoods to stay in Rome?

Top neighborhoods are Trastevere for charm and nightlife, Pantheon/Piazza Navona for central location, Vatican/Prati for proximity to the Pope, and Monti for quaint streets.

Experience La Dolce Vita at a Charming Bed & Breakfast in Rome

Rome comes alive when you stay in an intimate, historic setting like a bed and breakfast. You feel part of daily life in the Eternal City. The owners become like family and recommend local favorites. As you wander the ancient alleys near your B&B, you are following in the footsteps of Caesar and Michelangelo. Savor fresh Italian dishes at the neighborhood trattoria the proprietors insist you try. Rome’s magic is best discovered by living like a true Roman. By staying at a charming bed and breakfast, you will create treasured memories to last a lifetime.

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