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The Top 10 Boutique Hotels with Exclusive Rooftop Experiences: A Comparison

‏Boutique hotels are known for offering personalized service, intimate atmospheres, and unique design aesthetics. In recent years, many boutique hotels have capitalized on their small size and charm by creating exclusive rooftop lounges and restaurants that provide stunning 360-degree city views.

These exclusive rooftop experiences combine top-notch dining and cocktails with breathtaking vistas you can’t get anywhere else. Rooftop pools, open air terraces, and sky-high bars take the boutique hotel experience to new heights.

Below we compare the top 10 boutique hotels offering unforgettable rooftop venues in popular destinations around the world. Whether you’re looking for a lively party vibe or a relaxing refuge above the urban bustle, these hotels deliver some of the best rooftop experiences you’ll find.

Comparison of Top 10 Boutique Hotels with Rooftops


Hotel Location Rooftop Features
The Williamsburg Hotel Brooklyn, NYC Outdoor pools, bar with Manhattan skyline views
Roomers Munich Munich, Germany Rooftop spa, bar and lounge
The Robey Chicago, USA Two bars, lounge, and access to rooftop pool
Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens, Greece Rooftop restaurant and bar with Acropolis views
Kimpton Fitzroy London London, UK Neo-gothic bar and lounge with city views
Lebua at State Tower Bangkok, Thailand Rooftop restaurant and sky bars on 64th floor
Pulitzer Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands Rooftop terrace overlooking canals
The Peninsula Chicago Chicago, USA Rooftop lounge with fire pits and cityscape views
Hotel 50 Bowery NYC, USA Rooftop bar and lounge with views of downtown Manhattan
The Rotunda Cape Town, South Africa Rooftop restaurant and observation deck

As you can see, premier boutique hotels around the world are leveraging their rooftops to create one-of-a-kind experiences. From sky-high restaurants in Bangkok to rooftop pools in Brooklyn, these hotels allow you to take in stunning urban views while enjoying craft cocktails or relaxing in an infinity pool.

Many of these hotels offer multiple rooftop options, like bars, lounges, spas, and terraces. The central locations of most boutique hotels mean their rooftops provide panoramic views of famous landmarks and cityscapes. Whether it’s the Acropolis in Athens or the Manhattan skyline, the views will take your breath away.

The intimate scale of boutique hotels also means their rooftop spaces are exclusive. You’ll enjoy an upscale, VIP experience in environments far removed from the noisy crowds on the streets below. The hotels maximize their small size by creating stunning rooftop oases above the hubbub of the cities.

From the comparison above, you can see some of the premier rooftop boutique hotels around the world. But there are unique boutique hotel rooftops in just about every major city, so you’re sure to find stunning urban views no matter your destination.

Why Rooftops Make Boutique Hotels Special

There are several reasons why boutique hotel rooftops have become so popular and make these properties stand out from larger chain hotels:

Exclusivity – The limited capacity and intimate environments on boutique hotel rooftops makes them feel exclusive, private, and luxurious. Unlike crowded bars on the ground, you’ll feel like a VIP on a boutique rooftop.

Views – Unobstructed 360-degree views of major cities and famous landmarks give rooftops a big advantage over lower levels. You can often see an entire cityscape at once from on high.

Experience – Dining, lounging or swimming on the rooftop makes for a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get anywhere else. You feel part of the city’s energy while physically above it all.

Design – Boutique hotels often have beautiful and unique design elements on their rooftops, like infinity pools, terraced seating, fire pits, and more. This creates visually stunning spaces.

Amenities – Many boutique hotel rooftops offer amenities like craft cocktails, gourmet dining, dip pools, spas, lounges and more. The amenities complement the views.

Events – Rooftops make ideal venues for parties, music events, fashion shows, film screenings and other happenings with built-in amazing backdrops.

Revenue – Optimizing rooftops allows boutique hotels to generate additional revenue through restaurants, bars, venue rentals, and added guest fees. Rooftops enhance revenue.

So for views, design, amenities and exclusivity, boutique hotel rooftops provide stellar guest experiences and added revenue potential. Rooftops give these intimate hotels unique advantages over cookie-cutter chain hotels.

Key Factors in Choosing a Rooftop Boutique Hotel

If you’re looking to book a boutique hotel with a stellar rooftop experience, here are key factors to consider:

Location Views – Look for rooftop hotels located centrally to take in the best landmarks and cityscape views. Hotels on waterfronts or hills also tend to have prime vistas.

Rooftop Size – Some rooftops may be intimate while others can accommodate hundreds. Decide if you prefer exclusivity or lively atmosphere.

Amenities – Many rooftops offer extras like pools, spas, terraces, gardens and fire pits. Prioritize the features that matter most to you.

Food and Drink – Rooftop restaurants and bars are a big draw. Check if the hotel has multiple dining and drinking options on the rooftop.

Ambiance – Look at rooftop photos during both day and night to gauge the ambiance. Some hotels go for glamour while others are more relaxed.

Height – While any rooftop rises above the street, the highest hotels offer the most staggering aerial city views day and night.

Price – Rooftop access often comes at a premium. Gauge what’s included in your room rate and what costs extra. Factor rooftop fees into your budget.

Reviews – Guest reviews often rave about remarkable rooftop experiences or complain about letdowns. Validate rooftop quality through recent customer reviews.

By carefully considering these factors, you can identify the boutique hotels likely to deliver the rooftop experience you’re seeking – from spacious terraces to lively poolside bars and luxurious lounges. The right rooftop can make all the difference in a boutique hotel stay.

Top Tips for Enjoying Boutique Hotel Rooftops

To make the most of a boutique hotel’s rooftop amenities, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book at the right time – Aim for times when the weather is ideal – not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Spring and fall are perfect rooftop seasons.
  • Check opening hours – Rooftop venues often have limited opening hours. Verify when it’s open to avoid disappointment. Early evening is ideal for cocktails during sunset.
  • Reserve in advance – Exclusive rooftops often book up fast, so reserve lounge seats or dinner tables early. Ask the hotel for reservations help.
  • Dress the part – While rooftop dress codes vary, it’s smart to dress nicely to fit the upscale ambiance. Check ahead for any required attire.
  • Pack right – Bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and clothes to layer in case the weather cools off in the evening. Be ready for open air conditions.
  • Upgrade your room – Opt for a higher level room with direct rooftop access or views over the city. It’s worth the splurge.
  • Check for events – Many rooftops host unique events like live music nights, film screenings or holiday parties. Time your visit to catch special happenings.
  • Arrive early – Get there right at opening time to beat the crowds and grab the best seats. It fills up quickly at peak times.
  • BYOB policies – Some hotel rooftops let you bring your own wine or beer for a corkage fee. This can save on drink costs. Call ahead to ask.
  • Hotel extras – You may get discounted drinks or priority bookings by being a hotel guest. Inquire about any guest-only perks.
  • Mingle – Chat with other guests and the bartenders to get the insider scoop on the hottest rooftop spots in town.
  • Photograph – Snap plenty of photos of the awesome views to remember your rooftop experiences. Post on social media afterwards.
  • Weather backup – If weather forces the rooftop to close, ask the hotel about backup indoor bars or lounges to spend time. Have a backup plan just in case.
  • Order snacks – Spending hours on the rooftop calls for food. Order small plates and snacks to nosh on while you lounge.
  • Pace yourself – Whether day drinking or enjoying evening cocktails, pace yourself on the rooftop. Stay hydrated and don’t overdo it.

Getting the most out of a boutique hotel rooftop experience requires planning the right time to visit, knowing policies, dressing appropriately, and maximizing your time there. Follow these tips to make the most of your luxurious rooftop getaway above the hustle and bustle of the streets below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boutique Hotel Rooftops

Here are answers to some common questions about booking and enjoying rooftop experiences at boutique hotels:

What are the biggest advantages of boutique hotel rooftops?

The biggest advantages are the exclusive atmospheres, amazing city views, and luxury amenities you get on a boutique rooftop that you won’t find at crowded bars on the ground level.

Do you have to be a hotel guest to access the rooftop?

In most cases, yes, you need to be an overnight guest at the hotel to access the rooftop venue. Some hotels may allow outside diners to access a restaurant with reservations.

How far in advance should you reserve a table?

For peak seasons like summer, reserve a rooftop table 1-2 months in advance if possible. For off-season, 1-2 weeks may suffice. Have your desired date and alternate dates ready.

Should you tip at a hotel rooftop bar or restaurant?

Yes, you should tip bartenders and waiters just as you would in any bar or restaurant. Tip 15-20% for good service.

What happens if bad weather strikes unexpectedly?

The rooftop may have to close if weather conditions become unsafe, such as during electrical storms, high winds, or downpours. Have a backup indoor space planned just in case.

Can you host private events on boutique hotel rooftops?

Many boutique hotels do offer their rooftops as event venues for private parties, corporate events, weddings, etc. Fees and minimum spends usually apply.

What is the best way to dress for rooftop bars?

The dress code is generally casual yet chic. For men, collared shirts, blazers, and dress pants or jeans work. For women, stylish dresses, skirts, or pants outfits are recommended.

Are there kids or age restrictions on rooftops?

Most rooftop bars and lounges limit guests to age 21+ or 25+ only. However, some rooftop restaurants may allow children if dining with parents. Always check age policies.

What happens in bad weather like rain or storms?

The rooftop will close temporarily until the inclement weather passes. If forced to close for a significant time, the hotel may offer an indoor space alternative.

How can you save money on your rooftop experience?

Visiting during off-peak times, dressing fashionably but casually, splitting dishes, limiting drinks, or bringing your own wine can help lower the costs.

Should you buy travel insurance when booking?

Yes, travel insurance that covers weather delays is highly recommended when booking a boutique hotel stay specifically for the rooftop experience in case it closes.

By planning ahead, knowing policies, packing and dressing appropriately, and following rooftop etiquette, you can make the most of your boutique hotel’s rooftop venue. Taking in stunning skyline views atop some of the world’s most exclusive hotels makes for an unforgettable travel experience.

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